Various Types of Anime Pin

Various Types of Anime Pin

As the popularity of enamel pins continues to rise in the fashion industry, business owners everywhere are wondering how to cash in on the trend.

These small metal pins can be adorned with any design, from quirky artwork to corporate logos. People's unique styles and interests shine through when they use enamel pins to illustrate their favorite denim jackets, bags, caps, and more.

Pins for a Caliper

The cute anime pin set is ideal for any Studio Ghibli lover who collects pins! Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle is shown in three adorable poses on these pins. It fits perfectly on your helmet, shorts, or rucksack!

Weighty Pokemon Brooches

The Pokemon all appear to have overindulged in unusual candy. The chubbier versions of your favorite Pocket Monsters are featured on these hard enamel pins. What a cute and cuddly present for Pokemon fans and animal lovers both!

Badges with Pokemon Eeveelution Designs

All your favourite Eeveelution Pokemon are here in this set of exclusive enamel pins. You may choose for a pin depicting your preferred Eeveelution, or you can go for the one with a spinning Eevee that is encircled by gems of every colour. It's a crossover between the Pokemon and Sailor Moon universes! Unique enamel pins that combine two fan favorites from anime. These adorable pins feature each Eeveelution as a member of the Sailor Scouts.

Pins to Bulk Up Your Pokemon Collection

This pin features a beautiful, buff Pokemon and is made of durable enamel. Incredible times we are living in. These unique Pokemon cards come with two pink rubber clutches and pins of hilariously pumped-up characters.

Pins made of Ice Cream that look like Pokemon

Both Pokemon and ice cream are universally popular. You can buy these adorable Pokemon ice cream pins featuring Pikachu and Eevee alone or as a pair. What a sweet present for a Pokemon fan who also enjoys cold treats!

Tacks Emblazoned with the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Purchase these fantastic Yu-Gi-Oh lapel pins in bulk, and your money will be sent straight to the Shadow Realm. All your favorite Duelists, Monsters, and Trap Cards are represented in high-quality enamel pins, handcrafted specifically for you.

Clip-On Sailor Moon Pins

Every single pin in this set depicts the Sailor Scout emblem on a wand alongside a positive quote. They come with 10 unique patterns and are the ideal accessory to lend a touch of charming nerdiness to any outfit.

Collectible Pins

Totally one-of-a-kind, cute pins based on your favorite Pokemon and Sailor Scout characters! Some of the combos featured on these pins are just hysterical.

Pokemon and Harry Potter Pins

These fan-made pins are a humorous spoof of your favorite Pokemon and Hogwarts characters combined into one awesome collectible. This jacket, bag, or cap pin is ideal for trade and gifting. I've decided to go with you, Pika Potter. Pin the Tail on the Billbasaur. Send Bill Dauterive some adoration with this pin featuring him as everyone's favorite grass-type Pokemon, Bulbasaur! This high-quality soft enamel pin measures two inches and has an adorable King of the Hill x Pokemon crossover design.

Baby Ash Ventura's Birth Announcement Slider Pin

Whoa, there! Rhyhorn is giving birth right now! Enjoy a bizarre spoof of Ash being forced through a mechanical Rhyhorn while remembering your favorite characters from the '90s. Feel free to use your 3-inch slider pin to push him in and out as you see fit.