Grandfalls Pressure Washer

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4-Pressure Mode

This Grandfalls pressure washer from Giraffe Tools is designed for your convenience as you go about your cleaning. It is ideal for domestic use. What is your biggest home hygiene concern? A driveway with skid marks from the weekend party? Dusty windows or those hard-to-clean crevices between walls? This pressure washer will help you with all this and even water your garden. This is because it is fitted with four watering modes to vary High Pressure based on the needs of the job.

Retractable, Kinky Free Hose

It has a retractable 100-foot hose, long enough to cover both your front and back yard. Pull the high-pressure water gun out and the retractable hose will unroll as you go. You can lock it at the desired length till you are done with that area, thus saving you the inconvenience of too much hose length standing in your way. Once done with your pressure washer, the hose will slowly retract into the installation bucket, kinky-free. It is advisable that you install this Grandfalls pressure washer against the wall. This will save you storage space, lead to the durability of the washer and its parts due to low wear and tear and give you the convenience of usage. No need to set up anytime you have to water the garden or hose down a dirty car. Normal hoses can create a dirty mess in the yard. The longer the hose, the harder the setup and the post-use process gets as one must lift up the normally dirty hose and personally roll it up and haul it back to the garage. It can cause tripping or back pain due to the weight. All these problems have been taken care of by the single location installation and retractable hose reel.

Bubble Spray Attached

For the times when you need to use detergent, such as when washing the car, this Grandfalls Pressure Washer comes with a detachable bubble spray container to ensure a clean finish. Simply detach it when you move to the next job that needs no detergent, such as sprucing up a slightly smudged front door.

Affordable Price

You can have this amazing pressure washer for only $299.97. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty and an owner’s manual for guidance and reference. Free delivery is offered when you order, and it can reach you between 3 and 7 days.

Added Benefits

Your pressure washer comes with a high-pressure water gun, a wall-mounted base, and screws. A bubble spray bottle is included, as well as a water inlet adapter.

400% More Worth

Due to a ceramic technology guiding system, your Grandfalls pressure washer is guaranteed to last a really long time. How long, you ask? At least 400% longer than your normal pressure washer.

It comes in both black and grey, so you can choose either. You don’t need to worry about power consumption because its voltage is only 120V-60hz. More importantly, however, is the automatic energy and water cut off system that is engaged whenever the pressure trigger is not pressed. Not only does this save you energy and water, but it is also a safety mechanism to prevent flooding.

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