Different types of pressure washer nozzles

Different types of pressure washer nozzles

A pressure washer has recently become one of the most popular machines used by people. Of course, this is because the pressure washer can be used both at home and commercially. In the home, you may need your pressure washer to clean large areas and some parts of the house, like the roof, amongst others. In the industry, pressure washers are useful to wash tractors and other rigid surfaces. The pressure washer looks like a complex machine that you need complex processes to arrange. However, when you know how it works, you will realize that the pressure washer is a very simple machine.

The pressure washer works based on its components. The most important parts of the pressure washer include the pump that increases the pressure in the water, the hose, and the nozzle. In a pressure washer, there are two hoses, one at the outlet and one at the inlet. The hose at the inlet is connected to the water source, while the hose at the outlet takes the water with its increased pressure. While the hose at the outlet takes the pressure water, you can not directly use the hose on the surface you want to clean. That is where the nozzle comes in. The nozzle of your pressure washer is a crucial component of the machine. The nozzle determines the final water pressure that will be released. Different pressure washers use diverse colors for their nozzles. These colors are not for aesthetics. Instead, the color of each nozzle indicates the degree of pressure it releases. This article is your guide on the different colors of pressure washer nozzles, their features, functions, and advantages.

Red Color nozzle

The nozzles with red colors are not the most common nozzles, but they are the most effective if you are cleaning a tough stain or surface. The pressure released from the red nozzle comes at zero degrees, indicating that it is high. When you wash with this nozzle, you will remove stains, but it can cause damage.

Yellow Nozzles

The yellow nozzle is also strong, releasing water at fifteen degrees. This gives an equally tough force that takes out terrible stains. The best thing to use your yellow Nozzles for is trucks and driveways.

Green colour nozzle

The green nozzles are the safest for general washing purposes, including car windows, amongst others. However, if you are washing an extremely fragile surface, you should keep a lot of space between the nozzle and the surface. This nozzle releases water at 25 degrees.

White Nozzle

A white nozzle spray indicates a softer power for fragile surfaces like windows. This nozzle type releases water at forty degrees.

Black nozzle

The black nozzle is a very gentle nozzle type, and it's most suitable for rinsing surfaces already washed. The pressure is 75 degrees, so some stains may not wash off. The difference between the pressure of the hose and that of a black nozzle is not too wide.


Choosing the type of nozzle you need to work with your pressure washer is very important. However, the most important factors to consider are the cleaning surface and purpose.